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Unfortunately I had to have knee surgery and now depend on a walker to get around.  The surgery required the doctor to break my bone near my knee cap so that he could realign my knee cap so that it would “track” properly and not continue to slip out of socket.  Now that the surgery is over,  I am not allowed to bear any weight on my leg, and will be “tied” to this walker for at least another month of my 3 – 6 month recovery period.

Within the first two days of using my walker, I realized that I needed a bag for my walker so that I could carry items since I needed two hands for the walker and couldn’t carry anything with me unless it fit in my pockets.  Once you fill your side pockets too full, your stuffed pockets hit the walker from the inside and make the walker less stable!  Then on the days that you don’t have pockets, you’re just out of luck unless you can carry that object in your mouth while heading back to your chair.  I did try tying plastic bags to the walker, but decided this just wouldn’t do for another month.

So I went online and found and contacted them about a walker bag review.

Look at all the goodies I can carry with this awesome bag!  Now I can get my own snacks, keep my phone with me at all times and even carry all my favorite items with me all the time!  I more or less just emptied my purse out into this bag and never have to worry about packing a backpack every time we leave the house.  Everything I need is kept in my new bag and I can’t go anywhere without the walker, so now I am always prepared!

Here’s the back side of the bag with a deep zipper and the inside of the bag is deep and has pockets for separating items.  This bag is so great!  I can’t tell you how embarrassing and how bad it can make you feel to know that you can’t get anywhere without using a walker.  I am slow and everyone always has to wait for me when we go somewhere.  I have people stop and hold doors for me, which bothers me since they have no idea how long they will be waiting on me after they’ve committed to holding the door open.

The bag I selected also comes with a matching makeup bag!  This bag definitely lifted my spirits and made me feel much better about being seen in public using a walker!  As a matter of fact, the day I received my new bag, I decided it was time to get out of the house for awhile.  The bag didn’t make me any faster, but it made me proud to be able to show off my new trendy, fabulous bag.

If you know anyone that uses a walker or wheelchair, I encourage you to check out!  There are  many bags to choose from, even small ones for hooking to the sides of wheelchairs and walkers, but I have LOTS of junk and always carry  it with me, so I had to have a larger bag to fit my needs.  However, If I were to be using this bag on a permanent basis, I would recommend that you NOT fill it with as much stuff as I have.  A lot of weight on the front of your walker can affect the way your walker “drives.”  Did you see all the drinks and snacks in the front pockets of my bag, just imagine what I keep inside!
Be sure and enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a bag of your very own. If you have a walker yourself, or know someone who does, this will be the perfect item for you! Good luck!

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44 thoughts on “Win The Walker Bag Giveaway ENDED”

  1. That walker bag is certainly handy! I think that the phone would be the main reason to get one for walking around at home, but going out you can at least feel stylish and have everything you need! LOVE IT! Be careful and take care of that knee :0)

    1. I really liked that one too and had a hard time between picking that one and the maroon one that I got. I think I chose the maroon one because of all the separate pockets!
      Good luck!
      Bobbie Anne

  2. johnny-amy lynn

    My grandmother!!! She is on a walker and doesnt have any place to put her stuff,,,, wow this would be awesome for her!!!

  3. I need this bag. I fell in January and have not been able to walk. I am going to be on the long side of medical appts and recovery.

  4. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    My precious Mom who will be turning 90 very soon. She still lies on her on (in a retirement community – with assisted nearby – which she REALLY REALLY does NOT want to ever move to. And we do live nearby.)

    She does great, but given her age and a botched back surgery she has great difficulty walking. This is especially unfair because she LOVES to walk! She can get around independenty – but ONLY with her walker.

    She goes out several times every day and has an active social life – and she always has a little trouble carrying anything. We’ve rigged it so she can kind of swing and tie a medium-large sized tote – but I know she would love this very special bag – and with her 90th birthday right around the corner – this would make a great gift.

    Thank you for this most thoughtful giveaway and for the intro to this compduct/company!

    1. Good luck! Your mom would LOVE this! It definitely helped me out when I was using the walker after my knee surgery. It is very important to be able to carry things around so you don\’t have to depend on everyone to carry them for you.
      Bobbie Anne

      1. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

        Thanks Bobbie Anne – my Mom IS and intends to always be fiercely independent! How much longer will you need the walker? My Honey/Hubby had hip replacement surgery last year – and now will have to do the other hip later this summer – but he did OK with just a can/walking stick.

        My Mom (90 years old) says just about everyone she knows has had a hip or knee (or both) replaced and recovering from any kind of knee surgery is MUCH worse than anything else – so good luck and God speed!

        1. I used the walker for 5 weeks and was able to get my crutches back last Thursday. So I use my crutches downstairs, pull myself up the steps and use the walker while I am upstairs to keep from hauling my crutches up and down the steps. Rehabilitation starts in a week and a half and is expected to last 6 weeks. My recovery period was estimated to be 3-6 months and I hope I never have to work on the other knee!

  5. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    Thinking of my Mom’s taste and style, wardrobe colors and physical/practical needs. I would say the VERA bag would be perfect. Other top contenders would be the Mesa Red and Orange Paisley – they are all definitely her style!\

    Thanks again to you and A Fabulous Bag for the fabulous giveaway!

  6. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    Subscribed to your emails – but haven’t received confirmation email yet. Will click on the link in it as soon as it arrives or will try again tomorrow. Usually confirmation emails come right away – but occasionally slow like this time. I did try twice – so I hope there is no duplicate when it finally goes through!

      1. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

        I finally (almost 24 hours later!) got the confirmation email – only one – which I clicked on – so I think it will be OK. I’ll let you know if I receive duplicate emails!

  7. My Granny needs this the most!! Her husband has to carry her purse while she pushes her walker

    1. Good luck with your surgery! Be prepared, recovery takes awhile. It has been almost 6 weeks and I\’m still in a huge leg brace, but was able to get back to the crutches last week. You may want to find somewhere that rents wheelchairs in case you need one. I still need a wheelchair if I am going shopping or in a place where I\’d have to walk a long distance.

  8. My Granny uses a walker. I moved far away so haven’t seen her in a while but I heard she tries to go too fast and falls. So, as well as being useful, the bag might also help weigh the walker down more and stop her from going so fast.

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