Finding the Best Infant Customer Car Seat Cover

Enjoy this guest post from the owner of
Have you ever been out car seat shopping and just couldn’t seem to find the right colors or patterns? If so, you are not alone. Many parents these days are choosing to nix the manufacturer’s infant car seat cover and opt for a unique, fashionable, and fun custom car seat cover.

Custom car seat covers are covers that are specially made to fit the exact specifications of your unique car seat model. In fact, here at we only sell custom car seat covers that are made using the original manufacturers’ pattern templates to ensure both safety and a perfectly fitted look. Custom car seat covers are not just slipcovers, instead custom car seat covers are meant to replace the original manufacturers cover. Just remove the original car seat covering and replace it with one of our beautifully crafted, fully padded, perfectly fitted custom covers.

We offer a large variety of custom car seat covers perfect for any little girl or boy. One of our most popular girl’s custom infant car seat covers is the Baby Charlotte Infant Car Seat Cover which features a gorgeous chocolate brown and crème giraffe print minky paired with a bright fuchsia minky and a stunning fuchsia sequined canopy. This is an absolute show stopper and will make your little princess feel like the queen of the scene. In addition, one of our most popular boys custom infant car seat covers is the Baby Elephant Walk Infant Car Seat Cover. This custom infant car seat cover features simple, clean lines and boasts an espresso brown background with white elephants and baby blue, white and medium blue striped sides.

I am a mom myself and I opened my store because I was never able to find just the right car seat for my own daughter. Babies are only little for a short amount of time and it is so fun to choose baby items that bring out a little bit of that extra style and fun. Come check out our large variety of custom infant car seat covers, we have colors and patterns that are sure to suit anyone’s style!

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