Get The Dog Hair Out Of Your House With FURminator

Meet Dakota, she is almost 2 years old, has a thick coat and weighs 60 pounds.  She is a great guard dog and stays inside a lot due to the Texas heat.  She has been trained and is a great house pet but makes extra work for me with all her floating dog hair!  She sheds everywhere.  I can move all the furniture, vacuum and five minutes later find balls of her hair rolling across the floor!  We found a groomer that offers a Shed-A-Cure, but it costs me $45 per appointment and she needs to be taken once a month, so I have been looking for a better answer to all this hair!

Good bye Shed-A-Cure, hello FURminator!  Jennifer, a mom blog reader, told me about this shedding tool, so I contacted the company and asked to review this with my dog Dakota.  Check out the amount of hair I got off her in about 10 minutes worth of brushing her.  (Keep in mind that my knee surgery has slowed me down, so you could have done this faster than I did.)

See the blue button, just press it and the dog hair is released.  I have to say that this brush is fantastic because I brushed her in the middle of the kitchen floor instead of going outside to do this like I should have.  My knee surgery has made me dependent on this walker for awhile, so instead of chancing falling out the back door to brush the dog, I just brushed her while sitting in the kitchen.  Thank you FURminator for being such a high quality product.  Your shedding tool was so great at trapping the hair, you can’t even tell that Dakota was brushed indoors!

I love this tool, but would not have my 5 year old brush the dog with this.  Sometimes my son is a little rough and likes to brush the dog way too fast and I’m afraid he may hurt her with this tool.  Dakota wants you to know that nothing about this brush hurts, since she was licking me the whole time I was brushing her in the kitchen.

Thank you FURminator, you’ve found a fan for life!

Now I’d like to say thanks to Jennifer and her family for suggesting that I try out the FURminator on my shedding situation.  Jennifer won a FURminator from a blog giveaway awhile back and truly believes in this shedding tool.  She even sent me pictures of her FURminator fans:   Turkey, Cornelius, Pickle and Dinky!





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