Guest Post: Ever Had Crazy Pregnancy Dreams?

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Dreaming is normal when we sleep. It occurs when our subconscious mind wanders while we are sleeping.  Dreams during pregnancy can be a lot different.  When pregnant, weird dreams are normal, so when you start having a different level of weird dreams, you need not worry and call your doctor because these weird dreams are normal. In addition, pregnant women are most likely to remember these weird dreams because of their frequent visits to the bathroom and countless times of shifting sleeping positions throughout the night.

Below are the different kinds of dreams a pregnant woman commonly will have as the pregnancy progresses.

First Trimester Dreams – During the first trimester, pregnant women normally dream of being naked, because it is when women feel most vulnerable in their pregnancy. Dreaming of huge lakes or sea is also common for pregnant women in their first trimester of pregnancy. When a pregnant woman dreams about water, it indicates the woman’s growing awareness of her amniotic fluids. Dreaming of an ex lover is also common during the first trimester. Pregnant women should not feel guilty about it because it indicates a woman’s subconscious mind clearing the ex lover from her mind.

Second Trimester Dreams – On the second trimester of pregnancy, most common dreams are about animals. Dreaming of animals indicates the mother and child relationship. Dreaming of a cute and fluffy animal indicates a positive relationship of the baby and the mommy. On the other hand, dreaming of a baby wolf indicates a woman’s feeling toward her pregnancy. She may see it as a threat like the fear of losing her social life. In addition, some pregnant women dream of losing their baby or their baby is sick. This kind of dream indicates a woman’s feeling about parenting.

Third Trimester Dreams – Common dreams during the third trimester of pregnancy include a woman going somewhere. This kind of dream signifies labor. A pregnant woman is probably preparing herself for the labor. Majority of the dreams during the third trimester are sometimes scary. Pregnant women should not worry when this happens because this is completely normal. This only indicates their fears of delivering their baby and their fear of becoming a mom. Dreaming about huge waves, overflowing water, bursting rivers and the like are normal because these kinds of dream represent childbirth.

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