Has Cancer Affected Your Family – Sponsored Video

My childhood Mother’s Day memories include selecting the perfect Mother’s Day card/gift for my grandmother.  Mother’s Day was always a big deal at my house.  My dad would always take us down to the local greenhouse and help my sister and I select the perfect bush, tree or flowers to plant for Mom.  Now that I am a mother, I make sure that Grandma (my Mother-in-law), and my Step Mother get the perfect Mother’s Day card/gift and this year designed my cards online from Tiny Prints.

Unfortunately my children were never able to meet my mom because Cancer took her away from us when I was only 17, shortly after I graduated from high school.  She was 40 years old and found a lump, but was just too scared to have it checked out.  She waited almost 6 months before going to the doctor and that decision had a major impact on her health.  I know that finding lumps can be very scary, but do yourself and your family a favor and get to the doctor for a check up A.S.A.P.  Take care of yourself, schedule your yearly check ups,  keep your mammogram appointments and be sure to tell your physician about any history of Cancer in your family.

Do your family and friends a favor and spread the word, together, we can make a difference by informing others about what can happen if you wait too long before scheduling a check up.  I know my mom was not the first to wait too long, and unfortunately, she won’t be the last!


-This post is sponsored by the American Cancer Society

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