Have You Experienced a 3D or 4D Ultrasound With Your Family?

Throughout my pregnancies, there were certain doctor appointments that I couldn’t wait to attend.  I was always so anxious for that first major appointment where the doctor checked for the heartbeat, then the appointment were I found out the sex of the baby and then the ultrasounds where I could finally see my baby.  My first pregnancy ultrasound pictures were so dear to me.  I was just amazed at what baby Travis looked like at that stage.  Further down the road with an additional pregnancy I was introduced to the 3D and 4D ultrasounds and they were simply amazing!  I couldn’t believe the difference in the 4 D ultrasounds compared to the first ultra sound pictures I had from the year 2000.  If you’re not familiar with ultrasound imaging, here’s a site where you can learn more about ultrasounds.

My doctor was a high risk doctor located in Houston and had all the up to date machines and tests.  He had a great reputation and clients had to fill out an application in hopes of becoming one of his patients.  Since he was a high risk doctor, many of the women in the waiting room were there to see him because they were experiencing difficulties with their pregnancies, so the waiting room wasn’t always a happy place.  Since many families who used this doctor were experiencing problems with their pregnancies, children were not welcome in the waiting room so my son was never able to view an ultrasound with my husband and I.

This Austin, Texas office offers 2D, 3D & 4D ultrasounds that are available to pregnant women and their families.  This clinic, which offers families an ultrasound in Austin, reviews written consent forms from the client’s medical doctor since the procedures are elective and only offer limited diagnostics.  These ultrasounds can’t be used as your main informational ultrasound used in checking your baby’s overall health, but they are an experience that I would have looked into if I would have known about their services during the end of my pregnancy.

My ultrasounds were exciting, but the rooms were cramped and only 3 people could attend the ultrasound: husband, doctor and myself and even if there had been more room, my child would never have been allowed to view the ultrasound.  After reading more about these services in Austin, I found that all family members and friends are welcome, even if they run out of chairs and need to bring in pillows for seating!  The early ultrasounds can be embarrassing and I wouldn’t want to invite anyone in with me, but the ultrasounds towards the end of the pregnancy would be so much fun to share with friends, family and especially siblings!

Check into to it, it’s not everyday that you can experience a high definition ultrasound, a memory that you will have forever!

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