Jerry’s Nut House Snack Bundle Giveaway ENDED

Jerry’s Nut House was kind enough to send my dad and step-mother a package of Cheese Popcorn, Nutty Corn, Shelled Pistachios and Banana Split Dried Fruit in exchange for a review / giveaway.  Since they live in Kentucky, they wrote the review themselves.  Let’s hear what my step-mother had to say about their goodies from Jerry’s Nut House:

“When we received our delivery, the box was very well packaged and arrived in a timely manner.   We usually shop on line for specialty items since we live out in the country in a small town and don’t have access to gourmet foods.  We have local stores, but not much of a variety to choose from.  Before I start with my review, I should tell you that my husband and I, now Senior Citizens, enjoy watching television in the evenings while eating our favorite snack foods so this was the PERFECT review for Bobbie Anne to send our way!
Let’s get started, after trying your products, here’s our review:
I love real cheese popcorn which you can’t get at a regular store and Jerry’s Nut House cheese popcorn was very, very good.  You can tell by my fingers after eating it!  It was finger licking good!  The Nutty Caramel Corn was good, but my husband and I have false teeth, so the almonds were hard for us to eat.  As for the dried fruit, I personally don’t like dried fruit, but my husband really loved it.  He said the cranberries gave it a lot of “zing.”  This was the first time I ever tried Shelled Pistachios, and believe that the Pistachios without shells are much saltier.
Our favorite treats were the Cheese Popcorn and the Banana Split Dried Fruit.  I would definitely buy these two products again.  I would also like to thank Jerry’s Nuthouse for their kindness in allowing my husband and I to review a bundle of their products.  We enjoyed browsing their tempting site, while selecting the items that we were interested in testing out!
Jeannie Anderson
Princeton, KY”
Once again, I do not live close enough to share in this review, but believe me, my step-mother is one of the pickiest people I know, so if she liked it, it MUST be good!  While browsing through their site, make sure you check out their Gourmet Nut Gifts, you never know when you may need to send a gift to that special someone, especially with Father’s Day around the corner.
Here’s their contact info:
Jerry’s Nut House
2101 Humboldt Street
Denver Co, 80246
Jerry’s Nut House would like to give away the same goodie bundle as he sent my step-mother and dad, which includes a package of Cheese Popcorn, Nutty Caramel Corn, Shelled Pistachios and Banana Split Dried Fruit. 
Make sure you get ALL possible entries in and GOOD LUCK!

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  1. We should definitely look after this and thanks for giving us the chance for this awesome giveaway! Anyway, great links provided here..

  2. My favorite is candy as long as it is dark chocolate. Otherwise I would have to go with popcorn!

  3. Jennifer P - Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter

    I’d have to say my favourite are snacks like crackers and chips (guess this would just fall under the “snack” category at the top of Jerry’s page).

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