Patio Umbrellas Need Umbrella Stands

My family loves our patio umbrella from, but my husband mentioned that it seemed to be leaning a little bit.  I called the company and they told me that you always want to use a patio umbrella stand to ensure that your umbrella doesn’t come out of your table during a high wind.  That would be horrible if it blew up and then right back down onto the top of my glass patio table!  The customer service was so nice, they stayed on the phone with me until I had selected the right umbrella stand to go along with my patio umbrella.  I didn’t really want an expensive, decorative umbrella stand since my kids feet will probably stay on top of it while we are sitting at our table.  They totally understand my situation and chose the umbrella stand pictured above.  It came in a variety of colors and you fill it with sand and you are done.  I was happy with my purchase since I solved my leaning problem and had it shipped to me for a total of $31.00 and didn’t have to leave the house to search for one.

While on the phone with them, I also ordered a set of cushions for my patio chairs.  I learned a few things from them, one being….NEVER throw away your old cushions until you have measured them for replacement cushions.  Customer service was able to walk me through measuring and send me to their cushion measuring tutorial, but it would have been much easier if I hadn’t already thrown away my old cushions.  I also learned that my old cushions had been made from polyester which is great for covered porches or indoor furniture, but there are also cushions available in materials that won’t fade like my old polyester ones.  I’d rather pay a little more and get the higher quality material than to have my patio cushions fade as bad as last years.

I’m so glad I found PatioShoppers because I was so mad about not being able to find the right replacement patio chair cushions that I was ready to throw out all my patio chairs and buy four cheap ones to get us through the Summer.  My chairs were made for cushions and without them, they were too low to the ground and uncomfortable to sit in.  I chose the Sunbrella fabric that comes with the 3 year warrantee an can’t wait to receive them!  So my advice to you, is always call in before placing your order.  You don’t want to order something that may not fit your existing items and keep your old cushions around until you find replacements!

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