Questions To Ask DJ Before Hiring

Have you thought about adding a DJ to your Summer Get Together?  I’ve never hired one, but have been to parties that have hired really good DJ’s and have also experienced a few that were lacking in DJ skills.  Enjoy the following guest post that features 5 important questions you should ask your DJ before you hire.

Whatever your event happens to be, no doubt you want the entertainment to be no less than stellar. If you haven’t put much thought into entertainment, it’s time to sit down and figure out this aspect of your event. Here is a list of questions you can compile beforehand to ensure you hire the perfect DJ or Karaoke service San Antonio poses you with.

1.  Will you play the type of music I like?

Most DJs will make a compilation of the music style you like and try to only play that throughout the course of your event. Make sure your DJ is going to enforce this as well

2.  What kind of attire will the DJ wear?

This may not be important to you but if you are hosting a black tie event, you will want to ensure that the DJ is dressed accordingly. DJs will normally arrive in standard apparel which is a tuxedo but there is no harm in making sure! Remember that karaoke San Antonio or other areas offer is normally geared towards a more casual crowd so they may not be dressed up as much.

3.  When do you set up your equipment?

You’ve put a lot of effort into planning your event. Make sure that your DJ is going to follow suit and come ahead of time, before guests arrive to set up.

4.  Will the DJ take breaks?

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for your dance only to look and the DJ has stepped out and is unable to switch the music. Make sure you know your DJ’s break policy ahead of time to prevent untimely mistakes from happening.

5.  How loud is the music going to be?

Some events present the need for boisterously loud music, while others provide the need for guests to still be able to converse without shouting over the music. Make sure your DJ service is equipped with whatever it is that you need for you event.


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