Peter Senese: International Child Abduction Prevention

Since meeting Peter Thomas Senese, the author of Chasing The Cyclone, I have been learning more and more about international child abductions.  Today he sent me an email telling me about a few children that have been reunited with their families over the last two weeks.  These reunions are always great to hear about and also bring new hope to parents who have yet to reunite with their “lost” children.

  • One child who was abducted from Italy has been missing close to 2 and a half years and will be definitely be coming home sometime within the next two weeks.
  • One child was rescued after being abducted from the U.S. and on his way out of the country on a cruise ship.
  • One child has been taken to the Philippines, but is VERY close to being tracked down and returned.
  • There were three young children in Canada were being targeted for a planned abduction to Saudi Arabia, but the abduction was prevented and the children remain safe with their family
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