Shopping Online Is Making My Life Easier

Since my surgery, I have become a HUGE fan of online shopping.  Last week I bought dresses that had free shipping either way so I could easily buy multiple sizes until I found one that fit great over my knee brace.   I even found deals for free cards which I had shipped off for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in advance.

My boys both have birthdays next month and are upset because I am still down from knee surgery and can’t arrange their yearly pool parties for them.  I wanted a way that I could still make their birthday special so we all sat online together last night and ordered party gear for each of them from  The oldest chose a sports theme and the youngest chose Monster Trucks with a matching pinata.  Both kids are thrilled and the youngest is worried about where we are going to find the best pinata stick.  This will be his first pinata and he is SO excited!

I’ve always shopped locally for all the right party goodies, but this was easy, everything was in stock and I didn’t have to be driven from store to store to find everything I needed while moving like a turtle on my walker…LOL!

Thank you BirthdayInABox!

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