Soft, Clean Carpet Makes A Home Comfortable

I love carpet in my house.  I can remember laying on the carpet in the living room as a child and playing board games.  I don’t think it is comfortable laying on tile or wood floors playing with the kids so I bought a huge rug for our living room when we first moved in our house.  Now the wood floors are to a point where the color is fading in places and it is time for an upgrade.  Woo Hoo, I say carpet, husband says tile!  Even though I have a nice area rug, nothing beats nice carpet with great padding.

Since we haven’t come to an agreement on this, I am prolonging this upgrade and chatting with others in forums and Facebook groups.  I guess I knew this was coming, but it looks like my husband’s tile proposal is getting way more thumbs up compared to my carpet idea for the living room.  Sounds like people would rather not deal with carpet cleaning, but one of my online buddies from New York said she calls in a New York City Area Rug Cleaner and her carpets look brand new after the service leaves her home.  I checked around my town and also found a rug cleaning service that would clean my carpets for a reasonable price.  I’m still thinking of ways to “win” the carpet vs. tile upgrade, so if you have any ideas behind why I should get new carpet, and stay away from tile, please send them my way!

4 thoughts on “Soft, Clean Carpet Makes A Home Comfortable”

  1. I’d go for the carpet. My living room’s floor is furnished with carpet and my kids love it. I just have to vacuum it every once in a while not to attract too much dirt.

  2. I do have a discussion with this one but I still don’t know what to decide. I need to subscribe on this comments so that I can decide. I hate cleaning but If I can have someone to clean it then I would have to choose the carpet. It gives color and makes the living room more beautiful.

    Mika Jones

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