Summer Bridge Activities Are A Must – Giveaway ENDED

So much learning is lost over the few months of Summer, which can drastically hurt your child once school starts back up.   Carson-Dellosa is sponsoring this giveaway where one lucky reader will win everything seen in the picture above based on your child’s age.  I received the K-1 Summer Bridge bundle and my son has had so much fun with the stickers and the notepad so far.  I am saving the workbook for the Summer, which will begin before you know it!  My son loves these types of workbooks and can’t wait to “dig into” this one!

Preventing Summer learning loss is important, so we’re going to  work our way through the work book and play around with the activity cards this Summer.  The activity cards have puzzles, jokes, fun facts, brain teasers and more.  The flash cards are bound together in two packs so they could easily be taken in the car and used for activities while in the car on a long trip.

Carson-Dellosa has posted a great info-graphic on their Pinterest concerning kids and the amount of knowledge they can lose over the Summer when not in school, make sure and check it out.   Click “Mom Blog info” to see their Pinterest account.

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41 thoughts on “Summer Bridge Activities Are A Must – Giveaway ENDED”

  1. I plan to read to them and “play school” with them. We make that fun so they like to do that.

  2. We do lots of ready. He also has a game that he plays that helps him learn and it’s fun!

  3. we plan on doing the summe reading camp @ the library and doing workbooks once a day for at least an hour. Thanks!!!

  4. Paul T / Pauline T

    my children have homework all summer and they are required to read for at least one hour. they need to do this before they can go outside and play (ages 4, 7, 9, 15).

  5. I plan to enroll her in a summer reading program at our library. They give children rewards for reading a certain number of hours a week

  6. Brooke M Adametz

    We plan on doing most of their learning through experiences, such as gardening or visiting different museums and zoos while we’re traveling. I do have a few “real” goals that I want to at least get started by the end of the summer, which includes introducing the calender, beginning to tell time, and tying shoes!

  7. My son is starting kindergarten soon and he is going to go to the private Christian school here and they test him before he can enter. I’m hoping to start home schooling him this summer to get him ready. We play a lot of games that teach him without him knowing he’s learning. I put numbers and letters on buckets and have him throw a ball in the number or letter I call out, just things like that.
    Thank you

  8. Take my sons to library to get books to read, they are 3 and 5 so important time tto like books!

  9. my son actually asks me each summer to print worksheets for him to do. We also love toread together and my two year old is learning er ABC’s through magnets and sidewalk chalk

  10. Read, read, read, and Summer Bridge Book, and integrate learning in everyday activities!

  11. Stephanie Hungerford

    I really love to make everyday a learning day. Nature walks, random oral quizzes on car rides. Helping me with my math

    1. I love the oral car ride quizzes! I bet I sang \”10 Little Ducks Went Out To Play\” for an hour the other day with my son. I need a few more games and songs! It was either that or he wanted to sing Little Bunny Foo Foo.

  12. We have a library reading program here this summer and the 2 oldest girls are enrolled

  13. We love to attend our local library’s story time each week and check out books, and have activities with workbooks 🙂

  14. We go to the library several times a week. Also, I have my 2 youngests girls practice their math flashcards for a few minutes each day.

  15. I buy workbooks and print activities for my daughter during the summer. And we read and read!

  16. I’m planning on taking my kids to a couple museums, the zoo, and do small activities at home like a bug aquarium!

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