WHAT Was Guy Thinking Placing This Child In A Washing Machine?

Watch as the guy places the toddler inside the laundry mat washing machine and shuts the door!  What was he thinking?


UPDATE:   When this video first aired, it was thought that the couple with the child were the parents.  The news just announced that the man and woman shown in the video were the child’s babysitter and her friend.  The mom was on television and she was MAD!!!  I think it  is definitely time for a NEW babysitter!  The laundry mat is so upset about this occurrence that they will be posting a sign informing customers NOT to place children inside the machines.

So many children have died like this.  The machines automatically lock once closed and then what?  Click “Mom Blog Info” to read the rest of this story.

A few years ago there was a little girl and her brother left inside a laundry mat in KY to sit with the laundry while the mother ran an errand.  Somehow the little girl ended up inside and the water level began to fill.  The brother couldn’t get the door open and someone bust the glass in the front of the washer to keep the child from drowning and the glass went inside the machine and slit the child’s throat and she died.

While looking online for this laundry mat video, I read so many disturbing stories of people doing this to their children to “teach them a lesson or play a prank.”    This is totally uncalled for!  Please forward this post so we can spread the dangers of these so called “pranks.”

2 thoughts on “WHAT Was Guy Thinking Placing This Child In A Washing Machine?”

  1. Wow, I had no idea this was such a prevalent problem. That story about the little girl in Kentucky is really sad! I also feel a bit bad for the dad in the video. He probably didn’t think the door would lock, but even so it wasn’t a good idea to begin with.

    1. I agree, I didn\’t know the door auto locked either until hearing about the little girl in Kentucky. Kids always dream up wild things to do, like jump inside places they shouldn\’t be, but parents need to think a little harder before doing some of the things they do with their children. Maybe laundry mats need to start posting danger signs about this in their stores.

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