All Homes Need A Reusable Cold Pack & Securing Wrap

When I first came home from the hospital after having knee surgery, I was overwhelmed with everything that I would need for my recovery period.  I had two leg braces, a walker, a CPM leg machine, incision cleaning supplies, etc.  The doctor told me to keep ice on my leg to control the swelling, so everyday my husband would make a homemade ice pack for me and place it inside a pillow case.  The homemade ice pack did the trick, but we were using all our ice on my ice packs.

After my husband went back to work and I was alone all day, the homemade ice pack became a problem.  It would leak water on me and I wasn’t able to get up and take care of the mess or make myself a new ice pack, so I began searching ice packs online and found  I ordered a few of their instant cold packs, their reusable cold pack and an ice securing wrap.  The instant cold packs were fun and my kids were trying to “activate” all of them for me, so I had to hide them.  They are great for on the go and I placed a few of them in my truck for emergencies, but they didn’t stay cold long enough for me to use for long periods like the doctor instructed.  However, I LOVE the reusable cold pack and the ice securing wrap is a must because it straps the cold pack right on my leg so I don’t have to hold it in place, even while I am walking around the house!

After I received their products, I went back and browsed their site and found ice packs and first aid kits for kids.  Of course, my 5 year old has already worn my reusable ice pack with the securing wrap because of his “hurt” leg, but he’d love the turtle ice pack for kids.  Do you carry a first aid kit in your car and if so, have you restocked or updated it lately?

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