Be Careful, Accidents Happen

Written by Co-Author Jen Temcio

We always think that it will never be us.

It will never be us who gets into a bad accident, or gets seriously injured,  or suffers a loss of a loved one from a single moment that can change a life.  From something as simple as a tire blow out, our lives can change in an instant.

Friends of ours were recently affected by a freak accident. While they thought that the insurance would cover and take care of them, they found that in the middle of their lives being thrown into a nightmare, they were feeling like they were on their own.  It is painful to have to stand aside and bear witness to our friends plight.  We can take them meals and help out with the lawn.  We can listen to their stories and love them with all out hearts, but we can not make things right for them. It is a helpless feeling for everyone.

People who fall victim to an accident become overwhelmed from the trauma.  Often times victims feel powerless and exhausted; they find it hard to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  But with a compassionate team of attorneys who will fight tooth and nail for what is right, victims and their families will see that justice can be served.  In Texas alone there are approximately 1,300,000 traffic fatalities within 30 days of an accident.  This number is so large and does not even include the non-fatal injuries that result from these crashes.  In desperate times like these where accidents of any kind arise, you must have individuals who are competent and compelled to make sure that you get what you deserve.  I believe that people like those at are kind to their clients but fierce to those who must make restitution.  These are the individuals you want on your side. We never think it will be us, but really we can never be sure.  We have to do our best to stay safe, be prepared and be there for each other.

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