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BlogWithMom is part of the Amazon Associates Program.  That means that I receive 4% of all Amazon purchases that originate from my blog.  You can find an Amazon search bar on my right sidebar.  I can see the products that are being searched and also the products that are bought.  Don’t worry, I can’t see who searches or buys which items, I can only see which items are receiving attention.  Thanks in advance for those of you who have been making Amazon purchases through BlogWithMom.  I love to offer the larger giveaways on my site, and the money I earn from this Amazon program goes to pay the group giveaway entry fees.

Click “Mom Blog” to see the top searched items for Jan. – March.

Here is the most searched item for April:

My family and I love to have a fire on our back patio and roast marshmallows and hotdogs.

Here is the most searched item for May:

If you have someone that needs a Minnie Mouse party, this cupcake stand looks like a great deal.  If you are a Minnie Mouse fan, make sure you also check out BirthdayInABox.  I am also an affiliate with them and have been trying out their products.  I got both of my sons a pinata and party gear for their Summer birthdays.  They have lots of character themed party gear and personalized items.

I’d love for you to participate in the BlogWithMom reader searches.  Enter Amazon from my right hand sidebar and search away!  Knowing your interests, helps me select the items I would like to offer for upcoming giveaways!

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