Bobby’s Summer Monster Truck Birthday Party

My son just turned 6 and wanted a Monster Truck birthday party.  I ordered all his birthday party supplies online as to stay out of the stores hunting everything down.  I selected the Monster Truck 8 piece setting party pack which included the Monster Truck tablecloth,  Monster Truck cake serving plates, matching birthday napkins, plastic silverware, Monster Truck paper cups and even a pack of 12 birthday candles!

I ordered a matching Monster Truck birthday cake from a local bakery, bought a few bags of candy for the pinata and picked up a gallon of ice cream.  Other than that, everything I needed had already been sent to my house from BirthdayInABox.

Here’s a close up of Bobby’s Monster Truck pinata.  I’m surprised it made it until his birthday came around.  He was so proud of it, and carried it around everywhere, FULL of candy!  After all, he loaded it with all the candy, piece by piece.


He was ready to hang his pinata before I was.  He had all his pinata gear and was looking for the perfect “pinata” tree in the front yard.  The pinata was the perfect birthday party finale.  Bobby looked forward to it from the minute we ordered it online from BirthdayInA to the minute he bust it open with the broom!

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  1. thank you so much – i am planning a monstertruck party for my son and your blog had exactly what I was looking for.

    thank you –

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