Choosing the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Enjoy the following guest post “Choosing the Perfect Baby Shower Gift:

If you’ve been invited along to a baby shower you might be feeling a little confused about what to buy as a gift.  After all, you’ve already bought the cute pink booties (hoping the baby is actually a girl!) and the almost life-size teddy bear that looked a lot smaller on Amazon and which is taking up most of your bedroom space.  But what do you buy before the baby arrives and how much do you spend?

Baby showers are thrown to celebrate motherhood, pregnancy and all the wonderful trimmings.  It’s a great time for mom-to-be and her buddies to get together because Lord only knows there will be hardly any time for socializing once junior pops into the world!

Many people like to choose a gift for mom so that she can feel a little special – perhaps a coupon for a massage or some beauty products or how about some candles or aromatherapy oils designed to soothe and relax?  If you already have children of your own, think back to what gift you would have really appreciated.  How about some handmade checks made out to the mom-to-be offering your time to babysit when she needs some free time?  These cost nothing in monetary terms, but are so valuable.

If you really want to buy a gift for the baby, think unique.  Mom and dad have no doubt already bought the essentials so take a look online to find the perfect gift with a difference.  Popular choices include a photo session for mom, dad and their new addition, a starter library or if you have the money to hand, a first edition of a popular children’s book makes a great gift, high-end baby toiletries, handmade soft toys, and personalized boxes and books.

Being invited to a baby shower is a fun experience if you have not had children and a lovely reminder for those who have.  Finding the perfect gift can be just as much fun especially when you have so many ideas for baby gifts at your fingertips!

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