Cleaned Your AC Unit Lately?

Texas Summer’s are HOT!  People either deal with the heat and keep going or shut themselves up in the air condition until it cools down.  While many of our neighbors hide themselves away, my family keeps going, knowing it is best to get going earlier rather than sleeping in and letting the heat set in before going out.  However, my husband does worry about the kids and I when we go to the pool in extreme temperatures.  Being in the water, it is really easy to forget just how hot it is outside, but you can’t help but feel the heat on an afternoon bike ride!

We have two air conditioning units, one for both levels of our home.  We like to keep it cool in our home so we can get instant relief from the heat when we need it.  It can be miserable trying to sleep at night when the house is too warm, so make sure and have our air conditioning units checked and cleaned every year.  A few weeks ago, our upstairs unit was “dragging” and just couldn’t keep up.  It was nice downstairs, but you could feel that temperature change once you got upstairs, so we all slept downstairs for a few days and the kids loved it.  I finally called in our air conditioning company and had both units cleaned and serviced.

When looking for an air conditioning service company,  I like to check their Better Business Bureau ratings and check to see if they are affiliated with Angie’s List.  Make sure that the company you call offers free service estimates.  It is great to know that you can get an estimate without an obligation to have your air conditioner fixed right there on the spot if the estimate sounds unreasonable.  Once you find a good company with technicians that you trust, make sure and keep their contact information, so you can quickly find them again for next year’s service or problems with your heating system.  If you are located near Austin, Texas, you may want to check out, they even have a financing offer available right now, but hurry since it says “limited time offer.”

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