Cracked Cell Phone Screens Can Be Fixed

My husband hates using a cell phone case for his Apple iPhone, but after dropping it “just right” last week, he will be sure to always carry his phone in his case from now on.  He dropped his phone, as we all do, and the iPhone screen cracked.  He thought he could live with this since the phone still worked, but with each day, the crack spread and his screen was horrible.  I thought the phone was destined for the trash can and my 12 year old kept suggesting that we should get the screen fixed.  After searching online I found several places that specialize in fixing cracked screens for Apple products.  There were local places where you could drop your phones off as well as mobile units that came to you.  My husband took his phone in and 45 minutes later, the phone looked brand new.  It did cost $65, but that was much cheaper than a replacement phone.

If you have this problem, make sure you search for a place to fix your iPhone screen before tossing it in the trash!

2 thoughts on “Cracked Cell Phone Screens Can Be Fixed”

  1. Oh wow, that’s way better then the $200 to replace it! I didn’t know that, and if my screen breaks again I’m definitely going to do it this way instead.

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