Does Your Family Love Fruit Snacks?

Does your family love fruit snacks?  Mott’s offered me an opportunity to sample their Medleys fruit snacks and I knew that was an offer that I couldn’t refuse.  After I had knee surgery, my husband started doing all the grocery shopping.  Each grocery trip resulted in at least 2 boxes of fruit snacks.  I couldn’t believe how many fruit snacks we were going through, yes, me included!  When you can’t walk around easily, you rely on others to get you things and even feed you.  When you are offered a snack, you smile and say thank you, no matter what it may be.  I use to get up and offer everyone a snack and before I knew it, I was stuck to the couch with my 5 year old tossing everyone 2 bags of fruit snacks while we watched tv at night.  The fruit snacks wrappers were everywhere.  We tried favorite character themed snacks, until they finally chose their fruit snack of choice, so with my family being “fruit snack connoisseurs,” the Mott’s Medleys review would be perfect for us!

Before I get started, I have to say that my family doesn’t eat that many vegetables,  so the thought of their taste isn’t always that appealing to everyone in our household.  The Mott’s Medleys fruit flavored snacks are made with real fruit and vegetable juice with natural flavors and colors.  I like fruit juice, but do NOT like to drink vegetable juice, so I was very interested in seeing if my family could taste a difference with these fruit flavored snacks.  Guess what…no one even sensed a difference with these fruit snacks.  I threw a few of the snack pouches on the counter and watched them go.  I was given two flavors, the berry and the assorted fruit.  I favored the assorted fruit because I love the orange ones, but I would buy either flavor again.

I’m going to compare the nutritional contents to the last box of fruit snacks that my husband picked up so we can get a true comparison from my pantry.

Mott’s Medleys                                                           Husband’s Fruit Snack Pick

80 Calories                                                                         80 Calories

O Total Fat                                                                         O Total Fat

O Cholesterol                                                                    O Cholesterol

30 mg Sodium                                                                   25 mg Sodium

19 g Carbs                                                                           19 g Carbs

12 Sugars                                                                            12 Sugars

O Protein                                                                             O Protein

4% Vitamin A

100% Vitamin C                                                               100% Vitamin C

Made With Pear, Apple,                                                Made With Pear and Apple Juice Concentrate

and Carrot Juice Concentrate

Gluten Free

Veg. & Fruit Juice Added For Color                         Color (red 40, blue 1, yellow 5)

Double Box Tops                                                              Double Box Tops

Now let’s see if you  are paying attention.  The first person to leave a comment here telling me that you’d like to try the Mott’s Medleys will receive a bundle of fruit snacks to test out for themselves.  Will it be you?

You can also visit to download a printable coupon for $0.60 off the purchase of (1) Mott’s® Medleys Fruit Flavored Snacks today!

“Disclosure:  The product, gift pack, information, and additional sample have all been provided by Mott’s® through MyBlogSpark.”

7 thoughts on “Does Your Family Love Fruit Snacks?”

  1. My daughter loves fruit snacks like these but I always feel a little guilty giving them to her! This post makes me feel a little better about it because I can see there really is some nutritional value! 🙂 Thanks for a wonderful review.

  2. I’m not the first but still a great product! “first person to leave a comment here telling me that you’d like to try the Mott’s Medleys will receive a bundle of fruit snacks to test out for themselves”.

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