Does Your Family Own A Trampoline?

Post written by “co-author “Jen Temcio

My husband has never allowed us to get a trampoline for the kids because he is scared about the injuries and liabilities it could incur.  We have not agreed on this, and I have challenged him just about every Christmas and a few of the kids birthdays, but I end up having acquiesced to his protective nature.

The other day I overheard an attorney talking about a case where a child dove into a pool and suffered severe brain trauma and spinal injuries. I was horrified since it is pool season and asked about how often he sees serious accidents like this. Unfortunately he is successfully in business because injuries like this happen all the time, but luckily there are attorneys like him to help represent these cases and get the victims the money and help that they need to make a recovery and live with the consequences. 

What does any of this have to do with your trampoline story you ask?

Well, the attorney mentioned that he has had many cases of children getting underneath a trampoline and when someone jumps down, the spinal cord is compressed and severe damage is done. A sick feeling washed over me and I was grateful that we went without a trampoline if it meant avoiding such serious injury.  The lawyer said that most of the cases that he sees involve adults however, and usually are due to mishaps or unsafe compliance at work. These are the cases where having an attorney is most important because fighting for individual rights against companies and corporations is something that can not be left to the person suffering with the back pain. You have to be in the trustworthy and educated care of an experienced attorney if you are facing cases as severe as these. 

If you can relate and think that you could benefit from more info about spinal injury attorneys in Austin it is worth a shot to get what you need. Tell your children to play it safe by diving into pools where the water is deep enough, and staying out from under trampolines.

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