Does Your Roof Need Replacing?

Living in Texas, we are threatened with high winds from the hurricanes each year.  After the last hurricane, there were new roofs going up everywhere.  Everyone was getting roof inspections and estimates and the insurance companies were paying out to fix all the storm damages.  My roof was 15 years old and our property inspector had inspected it a few years ago when we bought the house and all was intact at that time.  Since we had the inspection report, our insurance company paid for a total roof replacement after reviewing the roof inspection report from the roofing company.  It was evident that our neighborhood had damages with all the new roofs going up left and right.  In fact, neighbors without wind damage where feeling left out because they weren’t eligible for a new roof.

Thankfully, since the addition of our new roof, we haven’t had any hurricane winds come through, but you never can tell what our weather is going to do.  Our roof should make it quite a few years, but I still have neighbors that didn’t replace their roof after the storm.  I’m sure they are just waiting for the next big storm to come through and make that insurance claim.  A new roof is often necessary, but it sure feels good when the insurance company picks up the bill.  The storm was so bad, there were shingles in the yard and the “grit” had been blown off the shingles.  Missing shingles is never a good sign and they need to be replaced soon so as not to  cause any further damage.

If you are ready to look into replacing your roof, make sure to get a few estimates before taking the plunge and selecting the roofing company you’d like to hire.  If you live near the Austin or Dallas, TX area you can check out and call to get your free no obligation estimate.  I spoke with a few roofing companies before we selected the company that we wanted to work with and I am glad we did.  Some of our neighbors didn’t do their “homework” and ended up with lazy roofing crews that took forever!  Good luck in your search and remember, no question is ever a dumb question, ask away!

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