Educate Yourself About Bed Bugs

How much do you really know about bed bugs?  Have you heard enough information to know that you don’t want to get them?  I have heard horror stories on the news about bed bug infestations in hotels and also tips on storing your luggage in the heat of your attic to kill any bugs that might have come home from you on vacation.  Summer vacation is here and no matter how uninviting this subject may be, it is something that we need to keep in mind when choosing where we stay while on vacation.

Take a look at this, wouldn’t you go nuts if you found out you had been sleeping in the same bed with this?

And….bed bugs DO bite!  I had never looked at an up close picture of one, but they are big enough to spot if you are looking for them, so look!  Here’s what you are looking for……

Did you know that you can go to and check  if your hotel has had any bed bug incidences?  You can learn more about these nasty bugs by checking out these pictures of what bed bugs look like.  School yourself on these bugs so you can take measures to avoid them and also know what to do if you should come across them.  You don’t want your family to look like the picture below.

Watch out bed bugs, we’re educating ourselves about you!

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