Have You Found The Right Dermatologist?

Have you ever visited a dermatologist?  I was born with excema and visited the family doctor for my skin problem while I was a kid.  The small town family doctor sent us home with lotion and told my mom that I would grow out of my skin condition.  He said that once I turned 18, it should all disappear.  He should have known not to say that in front of me.  I guess he didn’t know how  excited he made me, knowing that my “bumps” would go away on my 18th birthday.  I don’t think that I used my lotion as I should have because I was so sure that he was right and my excema would vanish once I turned 18.

When my 18th birthday finally came, I woke to see that my bumps looked the same as they had all my life, even though I had turned 18.  Years later, after getting married, my husband encouraged me to make an appointment with a dermatologist.  I chose a dermatologist from the yellow pages and made an appointment.  The dermatologist examined the excema “bumps” on my arms and told me that I needed to use Dove soap and body wash.  I believe I used the Dove line for awhile, but after I realized it wasn’t going to “cure” my bumpy arms, I went back to using my favorite products.  I’ve also tried the fragrance free laundry detergents, but I couldn’t see a difference when I used them and I love the smell of fresh laundry from the scented detergents.

The excema “bumps” run in my family: my dad and both my sons have it.  The bumps are worse on me because with each set of pregnancy hormones, came a new excema flare up.  One time I had red dots run across my entire stomach for a few weeks and my last pregnancy sent red dots across both legs that resemble a bad case of razor burn.  I know that special dermatologist is out there, I just have to find him!

If you are in Colorado and looking for a dermatologist, you can check out http://www.bvderm.com/ for locations in Boulder, Brighton and Lafayette.

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