How Elaborate Was Your Wedding?

My wedding was very simple and planned on a budget.  My husband and I did most of the planning and even selected and rented my wedding dress together.  The local greenhouse provided the flowers for the church and I also had a unity candle.  We played music that my husband and I selected for the wedding from a CD player and had made rice bags for guests to throw when we left the church.  The highlight to it all was my 3 tiered western themed wedding cake and its’ waterfall.  We didn’t have a huge reception, but instead served everyone a piece of cake before heading out with our gifts with “Just Married” written in shoe polish on our back window.  After the wedding,  we ran into the Best Man and his girlfriend at McDonald’s where we enjoyed our first meal as a couple.

Now that we’ve been married for 17 years, we’ve taken the kids to a few weddings that have totally went all out! We’ve seen  DJ’s, live bands, chocolate fountains, bubbles, ice sculptures, wedding reminder websites, catered meals, wedding sparklers, Limo’s, personalized wedding favors and etc.  I have to say, that as a guest I had a great time and loved attending these awesome weddings, but would never find myself wishing I would have had a more elaborate wedding.   My husband was fresh out of college and I had one more year before my student teaching would be complete.  We had many expenses ahead of  us and unfortunately had to pay for most of our wedding out of our own pockets, so we went light on the wedding plans.

Sometimes we say we should have eloped instead, being  married on the beach would have been the perfect wedding for us.  I love our trips to the beach and have seen a few weddings where the couples had their families present and all were happy.    So if I ever renew my vows, you can catch my husband and I barefoot in the sand on the beach!

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