Keep A List Of Doctors On Hand

It’s always good to have special doctors on hand for when you need them so as to always be prepared.  Of course you’ve got a dentist, eye doctor and family physician, but do you know the name of a dermatologist, or an orthopedic doctor?  Before my knee surgery, I had no idea where to go with my knee issues.  I asked my family physician for a recommendation and just went with it.  Thankfully my surgery went smoothly, but now when everyone asks me who did the surgery, no one has ever heard of my doctor.  It would have been nice to have talked to others about their doctors before going directly off one recommendation, but I didn’t have the time to wait around looking for the right doctor.

As for a dermatologist, last Summer my husbands foot broke out so bad and we couldn’t stop it.  His skin was peeling off and he couldn’t stand to get it wet in order to hang out in the pool with us or even get his foot wet from sweat inside his shoe.  We had planned a big vacation and we weren’t going to be able to go if we didn’t find a dermatologist that could cure his foot.  Luckily we found a dermatologist that prescribed the right lotion and we made our vacation.  We still keep that lotion on hand, but have heard that the dermatologist’s medical group has been moved out of our insurance network so it is time to hunt down another dermatologist in case this happens again so we can get quick relief.

It’s time to start searching online for a dermatologist in my area. If you live in New York, you could check out Vanguard Dermatology to find the best dermatologist New York has to offer in your area.  Good luck and keep that number handy just in case!

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