Guest Post: Learn Thai Language for Vacation

Enjoy the following guest post sent in by Jane Wilson:  “Learn Thai Language for Vacation.”

Are you thinking about a vacation to Thailand, or maybe you are considering a life change and going to Thailand to teach English.  If a trip to Thailand is on your agenda, then you should check out e-Learn Thai, a new blog that teaches you lots of things about Thai language and Thai culture.

The e-Learn Thai provides free Thai language lessons every day in an easy to read format.  You get a phonetic spelling of every vocabulary word and sentence, so you don’t have to worry about reading those crazy Thai letters.  This blog really does making learning about the Thai language and Thai culture fun.  In other words, it is not a dreary textbook like site.

Make sure that when you visit this learn Thai blog that you check out the Thai Pronunciation Guide linked to at the top.  That guide will help you pronounce the phonetic spellings correctly.  They say that when you learn a new language that you learn a new soul.  So why not check out if that is true by visiting e-Learn Thai.

You can find this free Thai language blog by going to: Learn Thai.  Good luck!  You will certainly enjoy visiting Thailand if you ever get the chance.  Where else can you go riding an elephant through the jungle or eat that delicious Thai food for less than a dollar!

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