5 Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

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Looking For Ways to Save Money?  Here Are 5 Unexpected Ways to Save Money when Shopping Online

Online shopping is by far one of the best ways to save a lot of money.  No matter what you’re looking to purchase, there’s a rather good chance it’s going to be available on the Internet.  While the Internet does offer deep discounts, there are even more ways to save.  Listed below are five unique tricks to save a few extra dollars on your next purchase:

Price Matching

Did you know that many online retailers will price match other stores?  Massive retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and many more will be more than happy to match a deal.  In fact, some will even knock a certain percentage off it depending on their policy.  In order to successfully match a price, either have a URL or ad copy ready.  Send the retailer an email or message via a chat to see what they can do.

Join Prime

It’s no secret that Amazon is the Internet’s biggest retailer.  If you do a lot of shopping online, Amazon’s Prime program can save you a lot of money.  Offering free two-day shipping with no minimums, this is a great way to get a product to your door fast.  Not only will it ship free, Amazon’s pricing is very tough to beat.  The Prime program does have an annual fee, but it’s well worth it if you’re going to shop there often.

Search for Coupon Codes

Just about every retailer on the web has some sort of coupon code floating around out there.  These codes can be found in two different ways.  One way is by using major coupon websites such as RetailMeNot or Sidepon.com, or you can search for coupon codes using a search engine.  When using a search engine, it’s wise to use the most recent results feature to get the freshest coupons available.

Purchase Used

Used clothing, electronics, books and millions of other items can be purchased online through websites such as eBay and Amazon.  You really need to ask yourself if you need to buy that particular item new.  By purchasing something used, it can save you up to 80 percent off.  Many retailers have used sections that you can browse through.  Take advantage, and see if it’s worth the cheaper price tag.

Comparison Searches

Google Products and PriceGrabber are both great resources to help you find the cheapest price online.  These search engines allow you to search for the product that you’re looking to buy.  With these search results, it will show you the various retailers and their pricing.  It will be up to you to decide which price suits your budget.

As you can see, there are countless ways to save.  By comparing, price matching and looking for coupon codes, you’re bound to find a purchase that can save you some serious cash.


Author – Kenson Goo is the cofounder of HandCellPhone.com and Sidepon.com. While he is not busy looking for coupons  to help people save money when shopping online, he writes articles about mobile and Internet technology.


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