Lots Of Upgrades Aren’t Necessary To Sell Your Home

My neighbor was putting her home on the market and wanted me to look through her house and help her stage it in hopes of a quick sale.  Her family rented a storage shed where they hauled all their unnecessary items.  Their closets were cleaned out and organized and the removal of all their “extras” made their home look bigger.  We talked about paint colors and looked through carpet swatches and decided on neutral colors.  We also talked about new light fixtures to replace their gold ones, as well as new cabinet hardware and faucets.

My neighbors did a lot of work and put a lot of money into their home before putting it on the market.  After all the work was complete, I did another walk thru and noticed their bedroom windows were bare and open to anyone walking behind the house.  We have woods behind us and many people take walks everyday and my neighbors didn’t have any window coverings on their bedroom windows.  I asked her if she had packed them away, but she said that when they had bought the home over ten years ago, the windows had been bare, so she just left them that way.

The wooded area behind our house is beautiful, but what was she thinking?  This was her bedroom she was talking about.  You know how easy it is to see inside a window when the lights are on?  I would have put up blinds as soon as I moved in!  There’s no way I could sleep knowing that people could easily see inside my bedroom.  After I got to know the new neighbors, I asked them how they liked their home.  One of the first things she told me was how they couldn’t believe the large bedroom windows didn’t have any window coverings.  She said they ordered faux blinds for the bedroom and changed a lot of the new additions the former neighbor worked so hard to incorporate!  My former neighbor would cringe to know how much money she could have saved by not “upgrading” her home as much as she did for the new owners that didn’t care for her upgrades.


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