My Son Loves Birthday Invitations

My son loves to receive mail, but unfortunately he hasn’t received very much until last year during his Kindergarten year.  I have never seen so many kids birthday invitations show up in our mail box!  When my oldest was in Kindergarten, all the party invites were sent home in his folder, this year all the invites hit the mailbox.  My son was thrilled to see his name on each and every one of them!  He wasn’t just excited about receiving mail, he was also excited about an upcoming party and its’ theme.  One week he’d get a Batman invite and the next week it would be Monster Truck Jam.  He’d figure out whose party was coming up and then stick it on the fridge so we didn’t forget to get him to the party in time.

While my 5 year old was deeply into the party scene, my 11 year old’s party invites were fewer in number and came strictly through email.  Even though “snail mail” is sometimes frowned upon, email accounts get clogged up and unfortunately some email gets overlooked.  One day my son came home talking about the neighbor’s paint ball party as if I knew all about it.  I hadn’t heard one thing about it and had supposedly received an email invite earlier in the week….ooops.

I use to send out invitations through email, but after seeing the excitement on my son’s face at the mailbox, I’m switching over to paper invites.  After all, addressing envelopes and putting together party invites is a great grammar lesson for your children.  Depending on their age, there are various ways they can help with the invitations, even if it is just placing them inside the mailbox for pickup.

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