Guest Post: Palm Beach Deliveries Hospital Gowns

Enjoy the Palm Beach Deliveries guest post by Jennifer Adams Langenstein.

In 2003, while expecting the birth of my first child, I felt that I had planned each detail of his arrival with loving and expert precision… each detail except for one.

As the date drew near, I realized that I would be asked to wear a hospital-issued gown during my delivery! As a girl who likes to look her best at all times, the prospect of donning a drab gown (could it really be called a “gown”?) pre-worn by countless others sent me into a tailspin.

I researched my options and, to my chagrin, found that I hadn’t any! After consulting with doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, I decided to create my own hospital gown which would be as pretty as it was practical.

And that is how Palm Beach Deliveries was born!

The resulting blue monogrammed delivery gown helped me feel special in the sterile environment of the hospital delivery room and also bolstered my confidence when I greeted jubilant friends and family. Needless to say, my gown was the talk of the nurses’ lounge, and my babies first photos featured the unique backdrop of his styling mom!

Whether you are preparing for the arrival of your own baby or planning to have another medical procedure; I hope that our hospital gowns are a cheerful companion on your own amazing journey! – Jennifer Adams Langenstein

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