Save Money: Use Coupon Codes

Everyone loves coupons, especially when they find good ones for products they love!  I get so many coupons in the mail that it ends up becoming another organizing job for me.  I can’t tell you how many times I get to the store and realize that I forgot my coupon and get so irritated with myself.  I’ve had a coupon for $25 off at a local retailer and have been to the store three times now and have left my coupon at home all three times!

After all the paper coupon irritation I have went through, I have learned that gathering coupons online is definitely the way to go.  Online coupon codes keep me from coupon clipping and going through my newspaper every weekend in search of my favorite coupons.  Online coupon codes do not require any organizing and I don’t have to keep clearing out the expired coupons!  I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent cutting and organizing piles of coupons – what a mess!  Just picture my oldest son accidentally clipping the bar codes off and my youngest clipping everything in an urgency to be part of the coupon ritual.  In the end, we had paper clippings and messed up coupons everywhere!

Every time I make an online purchase, I find the item I am going to buy and then hunt down a coupon code to use during checkout.  I even find myself frequenting the sites that offer coupons, deals and promo codes when I am searching for a gift.  This is a great way to come up with new ideas when you have no idea what to buy the person who has everything!

I love making customized labels and cards for my kids to use when they give gifts and found a site that offered Tiny Prints coupons.  These are definitely the kinds of deals I am looking to find online.  I do not believe in buying an item just because you have a coupon, but if you are going to purchase that item anyways, why not be smart, hunt for a coupon code and save yourself some money!

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