Stay Clear of Vacation Scams

Enjoy the following guest post sent in from Kathryn Thompson:  “Keep You And Your family Safe From Vacation Scams”

Getting away with your family for a vacation is priceless, you’ll hold the memories dear to your heart long after your little ones have grown up and flown the nest.  So how would you feel if your dream family getaway turned out to be a vacation scam?  Naturally, you want to protect your family from such an event – but how can you know for sure that your dream holiday isn’t the perfect opportunity for criminals to prey on you and your family?  Follow our tips to keep your family safe and enjoy your family time away.

 Contact Details

Don’t be shy – ask for contact details.  Pop these details into a search engine and see what comes up and use Google Maps to check the location of the property.


Thanks to modern technology we are able to do most things via the Internet without ever having to talk to a person face to face.  This is perfect behavior for criminals looking to scam you out of your money.  If you are booking a villa or apartment, make a point of actually talking to the owner over the phone – ask questions about the apartment and the surrounding area – a legitimate renter won’t have a problem pointing out the best local beaches and restaurants.


If you’ve chosen a rental property search for it on review sites – check out what other holidaymakers have said about the company renting the property and the property itself.


Unless you’ve received a contract that states the terms and conditions of your holiday, signed by the owner or rental company don’t part with your cash.

 Whack it on the credit card

Pay for your trip on your credit card, that way, if it turns out to be a scam you can get your money back.  If you pay cold, hard cash and it turns out you’ve been taken for a ride you can kiss your money goodbye forever.


Kathryn Thompson is a freelance travel writer; throughout her career she has seen many families stung by vacation scams. Vacation Choices’ BBB rating is an A, giving you peace of mind when you book your holiday.

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