Threatening Someone Can Come Back To Haunt You

If you are going to threaten someone, make sure that you are ready to go through with your threat.  I am not telling you to threaten anyone, but after hearing the following story, I knew I wanted to share it with you.  There was a couple that lived in Florida that hadn’t been getting along too well, so the woman went to visit her Orlando family attorney.  She told her attorney that she would like to have divorce papers drawn up.   She signed them and had them delivered to her husband while he was at work.  Thinking she would make her point, she never dreamed that her husband would actually sign the papers.

Embarrassed to be handed these papers at work, the husband signed them and had the courier return them to his wife.  The man got an apartment and the lady was left alone in her house to think about what she had done.  She never wanted to really get divorced, but her plan backfired on her.  She continued to call her ex husband and even visited him every once in awhile.  After a few years of divorce and separation, she found out she had cancer.  The bills were too much for her and she needed her ex-husbands insurance to get her through.  They remarried with a few family members present and are now back together “fighting” to overcome her prognosis.  It’s a shame that they lived apart so long when they could have worked things out since they both wanted to be together.  She let her temper get the best of her and now wishes she could have that time back that she lost with her husband because she was irrational in her actions.  Don’t let this happen to you, always think before you speak and consider any possible consequences before you take any actions.

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