Will Your Child Need Braces?

For the last few years, we’ve known that my oldest son will have to get braces.  We’re just waiting for him to lose his baby teeth before moving forward.  Even though he has a great children’s dentist, he has a fear of the dentist and says he is not getting braces unless they put him to sleep while they put them on.  I doubt that is going to happen, but there is no reason to upset him any more than we have to until the time comes to meet the orthodontist.  At this point, I haven’t selected the orthodontist that we will use, but I have searched online for “Houston braces.”  Finding an orthodontist in my area won’t be a problem since there are many local doctors to choose from.  I just need to make sure that I find one that accepts my insurance and is good with children.  It is important that my son likes the orthodonist that we choose, in order to make his experience as easy as possible.  His dentist has already warned me that braces are optional, and many orthodontists do not wish to work on a child that isn’t willing to cooperate.

I can remember my experience with braces and unfortunately it was not a good one.  I wore a lot of wax over my braces because I played the trumpet in the band and my braces would go through the inside of my lips when playing.  My mouth was almost always sore, and dealing with food that was stuck inside my braces drove me nuts!  That was many years ago, so I am hoping that technology has greatly improved and braces are more comfortable than they were in the 1980’s.

Does your child need braces in the future?  Does your child already have braces?  Do you ever wish you would have waited a little longer before having braces put on your child?  Do you ever wish you would have had braces put on your child a little sooner?


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