Allergies or Asthma Got You Down?

Allergies or Asthma affecting someone you love?

Chances are that if you are reading this, you know at least one person affected by either asthma or an allergy of some kind. According to, some 20 million Americans suffer from asthma and over half suffer from the allergic form. What this means is that some particulate or gaseous compound in the air is triggering their symptoms and attacks. Allergy sufferers are likely much more underdiagnosed, as symptoms tend to be less severe than asthma and thus fewer patients seek medical help.

While modern western medicine is just starting to take a more holistic approach and addressing the causes and prevention of illnesses, our outdated system still has many resorting to prescription drugs with no effort to amend one’s lifestlye as a way to cope with a disease. There are dozens of allergy and asthma medications out there and millions of people take them daily without a thought.

Chronic sufferers will usually begin to look at things they can change to reduce their exposure to triggers. This may include staying indoors, buying hypoallergenic products, using non-toxic household cleaners or getting rid of household pets. These steps are vitally important in battling asthma and allergies and I would highly recommend taking as many measures to reduce contamination as possible. However, it is usually not enough. These particles and chemicals which trigger these illnesses are found everywhere, and are extremely hard to completely eliminate. This is where a little bit of proactive effort can go a long way.

In addition to thorough and regular cleaning of the home, the use of a home air purifier can really help to make a difference in the amount of airborne triggers your home will have. For allergies to particles like pollen, dander and dust, a true HEPA filter is the filtration method of choice. For asthma sufferers, it can be a bit more trigger as there many people’s symptoms are triggered by chemicals as well. To address these triggers you will want to look for purifiers with large amounts of activated carbon. Models by AllerAir, NQ Industries and Austin Air would qualify. At, you can find many top brands of HEPA air purifiers and browse by your specific need (allergies, dust and mold to name a few). They offer free shipping and free extended warranties on many models, not to mention their website is quite easy to navigate. If indoor air purification is not something you have tried, I don’t think you have anything to lose when it comes to improving your quality of life.

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