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DeltaBells & AquaJogger CLASSIC Belt

I have started physical therapy for my knee since having this Summer’s knee surgery.  When I first started therapy, I had only been off my walker for two weeks with orders not to place any weight on my left leg and was scared to trust my leg again while on crutches.  The therapist introduced me to water therapy and a water buoyancy belt.  As soon as I realized how much easier I could move in the water than on land, I was hooked!  I have a pool of my own and knew that the water buoyancy belt could speed up my recovery with less pain on my knee.  I found AquaJogger and contacted them about their AquaJogger Buoyancy Belt.  They were so pleased with my water fitness enthusiasm that they sent me a women’s AquaJogger fitness pack.  It came with the AquaJogger CLASSIC Belt, the AquaRunners RX foot gear, the DeltaBells hand gear as seen below, an instruction DVD and guide with more than 60 excercises for me to work on!

DeltaBells, AquaRunners, AquaJogger CLASSIC Belt

I have used this fitness pack every day for an hour for the last week and can see progress with my knee issues.  Along with the water fitness, I also go to physical therapy three times a week, and wear ice packs on my knee in between.  My knee surgery was unique and called for a 3-6 month recovery and I am just past the 2 month mark.  The physical therapy exercises bring tears, but the water fitness wears me out, and makes my heart race without the tears!  The video shows multiple exercises but for now I am focusing on my knee so that I can recover from my surgery.

Make sure you check out the AquaJogger site, they offer so many great products!

Look how big my feet look underwater!

The AquaRunners foot gear is excellent for my knee!  Right now my knee doesn’t straighten out all the way and it also has a limited bend.  I am able to sit on the top step of my pool, wear this shoe and take advantage of the extra resistance and bend my knee until my heels hit the back of the pool wall.  I do this exercise every day to build my muscles and work on the range of motion for my knee.  I highly recommend AquaJogger to everyone!  It is a fun workout and can be done in the pool while you watch your kids splash!

A few AquaJogger Facts:

  • Made in the USA
  • Great for both men & women
  • Elastic belt adjusts to waist sizes up to 48″
  • Has lower back support
  • Available in a smaller size for children
  • Low impact
  • A latex free belt is available
  • Resistance Training

Thanks AquaJogger!

Bobbie Anne

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  1. I am glad that it helps with your therapy! I never heard of water aerobic gear – looks and sounds like it is definitely something worth trying. thanks for the info. I will check out their site 🙂

  2. This looks definitely interesting and I hope I can find some in our shops near here.. Anyway, thanks a lot for the great review here..

  3. Wish you luck with your recovery. May you heal swiftly! The water therapy looks challenging but amazing. I didn’t even know that kind of gear existed for it. Thank you for stopping by TheAL.

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