Boy Or Girl: Want To Know?

Expecting a baby? Want to know if it’s a girl or a boy?  Enjoy this guest post that was sent in by a mom blog reader.

The excitement that couples experience when expecting a baby is an emotion they are often unable to put into words. Of course, with that excitement one naturally wonders about the gender of the baby – is it a baby boy or a baby girl? Once you have began pondering this question, then others questions starts tumbling in; if it is a girl what will we name her? Shall we short list our favorite names? What color schemes should we choose?

Many parents choose to patiently wait nine months to find out the gender of their baby. But for those expectant mums and fathers who just cannot wait till the date of birth, there are baby gender tests. Baby gender tests can be fun- even deciding on the type of test can be exciting because of the many tests around today.

At Home Tests & Old Wives Tales

“Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble”. Many expectant mothers that do these at home tests might really feel like little chemists creating potions, mixtures and broths that change color, produce smoke and unpleasant smells. So let’s look at just two of the more common baby gender tests that can be done by you at home.

The Drano test: Drano is actually a very well know brand of drain cleaner. Essentially all you need to do is place a spoon full of Drano crystals into a jar. Urinate in a separate container. Mix the urine with the Drano and move away. A vigorous reaction ensues which produces a colored solution and irritating smoke. Once the smoke has clear you may observe the color change. A brown solution means you are expecting a boy. A colorless solution means you are expecting a girl.

The Cabbage Test: The test only requires a chopped, red cabbage and water. Allows the water and chopped cabbage to boil in a saucepan for around ten minutes and remove it from the heat. Then just make a quick dash to the bathroom and pee in a cup. Mix one part urine with one part water. Pink or red color change and you are carrying a boy whilst purple indicates you are carrying a girl

Unfortunately, although at home gender test may be fun they are little else but myths- in other words you may want to hold off telling all the family, short-listing your names for girls or painting the bed room a shade of pink. These tests have no hard, scientific studies that support them and any correct results are just due to chance (a 50% chance of getting it right to be precise).

Baby Gender Testing the Scientific way

Want to know if you will have a baby girl or baby boy with an accuracy of 99%? In this case there is a gender DNA test which can be done by analyzing the mother’s urine sample. The test is done by means of a home kit which contains a urine specimen cup. Once the urine sample has been collected it can be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Another option you have is a baby gender test with a blood sample. This test tends to put some people off as blood collection is done by means of a finger prick. Once the tip of the finger begins to bleed following the prick, the blood can be collected on a special paper and sent for analysis. It must be said that this test provides a result that is between 85-95% accurate and thus, less than the urine DNA test.

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