Dakota Reviews The Safe Glow Dog Collar

Meet Dakota, she’s reviewing the Safe Glow dog collar which is  one of the dog training collars from DogTrainingCollars.com.

She is a  mixed breed similar to a Chow Shephard.  She loves to chew her blanket as seen in the picture above, loves to chase squirrels, loves the kids and loves to go on walks.  She is almost two years old, a great guard dog and an excellent product reviewer.  The above picture was taken in a dark room, with the collar on the solid glow setting.



Here she is, showing off her new dog collar while resting from her walk.  This collar is my favorite because it comes with LED lights that can easily be turned on by pushing a button on her collar.  The lights are bright green just like one of those glo sticks you use at Halloween!  The lights have three settings:  flashing, solid and running.  The collar is durable and the clasp snaps in place and is easy to take on and off.  The Safe Glow Dog Collar also has a great, easy to get to ring where you hook it onto your leash.  I like to use the exposed ring to grab onto her in the house and direct her to the back door when she doesn’t really want to go on her own – imagine that!



The green section is the LED glow section and when the collar is not turned on, the green is a reflective section like the reflective sections seen on most walking shoes.  This Safe Glow dog collar fits her great and I didn’t even have to physically measure her neck when selecting her size.  DogTrainingCollars sizing chart is set up by breed so it is very simple to decide which size your dog will need.  You don’t want your collar so loose that it will come off your dog if she fights and pulls away from you while she is on the leash.  If you have any questions or concerns about the proper dog collar for your dog, feel free to contact Stewart.



We have had so much fun with the collar.  It’s fun to turn on the lights and watch her run through the backyard at night and also great for those late night / early morning walks.  This collar is a real head turner, just think, have you ever seen a dog with a flashing collar?  I always bought the shoes with the flashing lights for my kids when they were younger.  No matter where we were, they were always easily tracked with their flashing lights, from a school field trip to a night time parade, just look for the lights!  This collar is just like my kids light up shoes, if the dog gets out of the yard or is chasing a ball in the dark, you can easily spot her and so can oncoming cars!  I love the safety this collar offers, but also the fun that comes along with it!



Here’s a closeup of the dog collar in the dark.  If you are a fan of  “glowing items,” and have a dog, this collar is a MUST for you!  I am a push over when it comes to glowing light sticks, glowing bracelets, and light up toys at night time functions, so when I had the chance to review the Safe Glow Dog Collar, in return for my review, it was a no brainer!

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  1. My daughter, Gracie, would love to have one of these for her dog, Katrina. She’s a weenie dog and Gracie is always buying stuff for her. Gracie also loves the glowing bracelets and necklaces.

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