Do You Have A Favorite Restaurant Hangout?

When you go out to eat, do you notice that not all restaurants use restaurant menu covers?  Some of the small, great local hang outs have excellent food, but need to a focus a little more on the appearance and atmosphere of their restaurant.  Have you ever been handed one of those paper menus that has seen better days?  It drives me nuts when I’m asked to order my food from a stained, folded, paper menu that clearly needs to be replaced.  I know restaurant menu covers are an added expense, but if the restaurant would use them, they could easily clean off their menus and not have to reprint them when they hit the point of no return.

One of my favorite restaurants is located in downtown Houston Texas.  It is a very small Mexican restaurant and has mismatched tables, chairs and tablecloths throughout.  This restaurant would be considered a hole in the wall and hard to find unless you knew the area.  The food is GREAT, but you never know what they will be serving until you get to the restaurant.  They do not have any menus, let alone restaurant menu covers!  The waitress comes to your table and recites the menu for the day when it is time for you to place your order.   It’s a bit unusual, but I haven’t found anything I haven’t liked yet, so it works!

My husband is always talking about the idea of opening a restaurant in the future, so we are constantly critiquing restaurants in hopes of finding great new ideas.  Yesterday we went to a major “food chain restaurant” and the floor was so greasy, you could feel the “slide” as you were escorted to your table.  This is definitely not an idea we’d like to incorporate into a future restaurant plan!  I’d want to be proud of our restaurant and would strive for a clean, inviting and friendly environment that would give customers a little vacation away from their kitchen.

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