Does Your Jewelry Hold Memories?

I love jewelry because each piece I own has memories.  My husband has always been good about picking the perfect pieces for me ever since we were first married 17 years ago. My mother passed away when I was 17 and had a fund set up where I would receive money from her account once I turned 21.   When that day came, my husband took me to the jewelry store and wanted me to buy something that I wouldn’t normally buy, something nice that would always remind me of my mom.  After searching through the jewelry, we left the store with a very nice tennis bracelet full of diamonds.   Every time I wear my tennis bracelet I think of my husband for loving me so much that he suggested the memorable purchase and my mom who would have loved to have given me this special bracelet.

My husband was also thoughtful when we picked out our wedding rings.  He picked out a wrap and a solitaire for me and we found a nice band for him.  Over the 17 years we’ve been married, he’s lost a few wedding bands.  Unfortunately, the kids “hid a few rings” that we never found before we moved and one day my wedding ring lost a few diamonds.  Since then, he upgraded my wedding ring and he’s still wearing an older band that we bought for him since we couldn’t find his nice one.  I’ve been looking at wedding bands for him, but since he’ll be the one wearing it, I’ve decided that he needs to help pick it out.  I’d love to be able to replace his traditional gold wedding band with an updated version for him since he always thinks of me and the kids first!

This post was sparked by Hearts On Fire.

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