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Losing weight is hard and takes real will power!   Learning to lose weight is truly a lifestyle change and not just a few weeks of unhealthy crash dieting.  I have blogged about my weight loss in the past and when I came across Jennifer Dunn’s weight loss journey post, I knew you’d be interested in her story.   Jennifer is inviting people to join her in her weight loss journey over the next 6 months.  She’s so pumped up about this upcoming body transformation that she is kicking things off with an instagram contest which runs through 8/19/12.

Jennifer Dunn was selected as one of 50 female Team #Cinchspiration bloggers to test out Shaklee’s new weight loss program:  Cinch® Inch Loss Plan.  As a proud Cinchspiration blogger, she is looking forward to sharing her experience with others.  She is determined and ready to get down to business and tackle this life transformation.  Jennifer has experienced weight issues that many of us can clearly relate to:  creeping weight gain, yo-yo dieting, and body image struggles.  Before starting this weight loss journey, Jennifer had a complete physical.  She wanted to do this right so that she could share her weight loss, BMI, fat, lean muscle, water content and blood chemistry with us throughout the next six months.

Make sure you check out Jennifer’s Shaklee Team Cinchspiration Diet Announcement so you can cheer her on throughout her journey.    I can’t wait to see her transformation!  I am so proud of Jennifer for announcing her weight loss plans online.  Her announcement shows that she is truly dedicated, because once you announce a six month weight loss journey online, there is no going back!  You don’t want to miss her before and after photos and  the tracking of her measurements over the next six months.  I will be right there alongside  Jennifer reading her “Weight With Me & Tale of the Tape” posts, and watching her videos while  measuring her progress.   She would love it if you could also follow along with her as she tackles her weight loss journey and transforms her body/lifestyle the healthy way!

Instagram Contest Directions:

1.  Take a photo of something that best shows your idea of a healthy lifestyle.  If you are starting your own weight loss journey, a pic of yourself would be great!

2.  Upload your “Healthy Lifestyle Photo” with your Android or iphone onto Instagram.

3.  Add the following hashtag BEFORE submitting the photo:  #yourtrendystylishweightloss #cinchspiration

4.  Last step:  SHARE IT!

One winner from the top 10 popular entries will win a $50 gift card to either Spa Finder or!!!

 Jennifer would love to hear from you.  Here are a few ways you can reach her:

Visit her blog and read her weight loss post:
Follow Jennifer on Twitter

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