Learn How To Excercise In The Pool This Summer

It has been 8 weeks since my knee surgery and my doctor started sending me to physical therapy last week.  I have made progress since I have started the therapy and am being given one pool therapy session each week.  I have only been in the pool with the therapist one time, but it was great!  The pool is the only place that I can walk without my crutches and I love it.  So far, I have only been introduced to the Aqua Jogger Fit Belt For Women but hope to learn more about water exercising as my sessions continue.  The therapist had me put the water belt on which allowed me to be lifted high enough in the pool for me to pretend to jog or ride a bike, neither of which I can do yet since I do not have very much flexion in my knee yet.  I was so excited about being able to walk in the pool that I asked the instructor how I could workout in my own pool in hopes of accelerating my healing process.

The physical therapist said that I could use the aqua jogger in my pool as long as it was at least 5 feet deep.  I came  home and tried this water exercise the next day using one of the kids balls but it doesn’t hold you as well as the aqua jogger fit belt, so I am going to buy one for my pool.  After reading about this aqua jogger fit belt online, I would like to get my son one so that he could exercise in the pool too.  They offered an aqua jogger junior, but it is to be used for children under 95 pounds, so my 12 year old would need an adult size. Since I need to know more exercises that can be done with the aqua jogger, I am also going to purchase the Complete Aqua Jogger Water Workout – DVD.

I used to think aqua aerobics were only for the older ladies, but I was SO wrong and plan on fitting water workouts into my routine inch by inch while nursing this knee back to health.  I also saw water weights online and hope to learn how to use them too. I used to do a Body Pump workout class at the YMCA and LOVED it, but here were a lot of squats which really hurt my knees.  Even though the class was hard on my knees, it was my favorite,  so I’d love to learn how to do a weight lifting workout in my pool.

I do not know enough about water workouts, so I have been searching for sites that hopefully can get me started:

Water Excercising:  The Coolest Workout

How To Do Water Excercise In Your Pool

Example Water Workouts

Aqua Jogger Fit Belt For Women  (This is what I would like to get for my pool.)

Complete Aqua Jogger Water Workout – DVD (This is what I need to learn more about the aqua jogger belt.)

If you have any water workout advice for me, please send it my way.  I’d love to hear from you!

Bobbie Anne


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  1. I have owned an aqua jogger belt for years and I also have the water dumbbells. I have had several back surgeries and now have some knee problems, so water exercise/therapy is the best! The dumbbells allow me to work my upper back as well as my lower back/legs. I believe the aqua jogger comes with a book of exercises as well.

    My only advice would be to not overdo it and take it easy at the beginning. Because you’re not sweating you might not realize that you are doing too much.

    Good luck!

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