Review: MichelleB Cast Iron Cookware By FAGOR

MichelleB by Fagor Baker / Roaster Review

I received the FAGOR, Michelle B 9.5″ X 13.5″  rectangular baker / roaster  in return for a review on the mom blog.  This baker from the MichelleB cast iron cookware collection has a blue enamel coating and came with 12 MichelleB meal recipe cards.  My favorite meal card was a recipe for Fried Fish For Fish and Chips.

This pan is definitely different from any cast iron pan that I have ever seen!  It is the most appealing baker that I own.  I love the blue color and can’t wait to show it off when company comes over!  I cook most of my meals in a 9 X 13 glass pan and was very eager to try cooking with cast iron.  The only food that I have ever made in a cast iron skillet was corn bread, and the “seasoning process” was nuts!  This non-stick baker does not require any special treatment, it can be washed in the dishwasher and is ready to use straight from the box, no seasoning required!  It can even be used on your grill.

I told my son that we could either try Lasagna or a desert in the cast iron baker, so we had homemade Lasagna for lunch today!  The noodles fit perfectly in the cast iron baker which was deep and perfect for my favorite Lasagna recipe.

It’s ready for the oven!  The Lasagna could have been a layer taller, but since my son and I were the only ones eating it, I left off a layer for a little portion control.   I have a small oven and this baker did fit, but there wasn’t a lot of extra room on either sides of the pan since the handles were a little longer than on my normal glass pan.  The only downfall I saw with this baker was the weight.  Of course this is a cast iron pan, but I am on crutches right now and can usually use one hand to place my pan in the oven while the other hand holds onto my crutch.  My 12 year old had to put the cast iron baker in the oven and take it out for me since I’m not too sturdy yet after my recent knee surgery.   If the weight of the baker is an issue for you, FAGOR also offers Michelle B’s Cast Iron Lite collection.  Please keep in mind that I am not used to cooking with cast iron and was not thinking about the weight of cast iron cookware, but LOVE the appearance of this baker.  It is SO much more appealing than my plain glass pans!

The Lasagna tasted great and easily came out of the baker when cut.  After placing the leftovers in the fridge, I washed the baker in the sink and was able to quickly wash it.    I was having so much fun with this baker, that I even threw a few pork chops and turkey sausage in it for supper.  Once again, a great meal, cooked evenly with an easy clean up.

After reading over the box and through the meal recipe cards, I learned:

  • This baker has multi-enameling  exterior coating.
  • This baker is resistant to rust, chipping and cracking.
  • This baker is 3 inches deep and is a multi-functional dish, perfect for roasting and pasta dishes.
  • The extra heavy lid holds in moisture which keeps your meals tender.
  • This baker is oven / broiler safe up to 500 degrees.
  • Metal utensils may damage the interior enamel.
  • Steel wool, and abrasive cleaners could damage the baker.

What meal do you have in mind for the MichelleB Cast Iron Cookware?


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  1. Heavyweight cast iron expands heat equally, as well as keeps foods warm at table.
    Durable porcelain enamel opposes chip and scratch.
    Domed and dimpled covers retain, as well as redistribute moisture while cooking.
    The oversized oval controls make lifting simple.

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