Outnumbered By Boys!

Besides Dakota, our family dog, I am the only female in the house.  There are no baby dolls or Barbies found in our home, but you can find plenty Monster Trucks, basketballs and baseball caps.  Growing up I really didn’t care to watch sports, but my boys have changed that.  Now I can be found yelling at my sons’ weekend basketball and football games.  I have went from a person who never paid attention to the players and the game, to a very proud mom who cheers the team on throughout the game.

During basketball, baseball and football seasons, you can find the Houston Rockets, Houston Astros and Houston Texans games on our television.  We are close enough to Houston that we are able to attend a few of the games in person.  My kids LOVE attending the games, especially the Houston Texans Football games!  My boys love to watch “Torro,” the Houston Texan mascot, ride his four wheeler across the field.  I like watching the game, eating nachos, catching the half time show and waiting to see who will be caught by the Kiss Cam.

We were here!  I caught the above picture from our seats.  Check out my other pictures from the 9/11 Texans Game from my post:  9/11/2011 Houston Texans Half  Time Show.

Along with my boys comes their love for hats!  I’ve always heard of girls having a love of shoes, but never realized how much boys love fitted hats.  Between my husband, my 12 year old and the 6 year old, there are hats everywhere!  They love the fitted hats because they can adjust the sizes and share their hats.  In order to store all their hats, I have hat organizers that hook on the backs of the door and hold multiple hats.  There are so many hats that I have an organizer in the laundry room and then organizers in every bedroom and still have hats that are laying around that don’t have homes.

Do you or your family bring new hats home on a regular basis?  What is your hat storage solution?

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