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My knee surgery was over two months ago and I still need to “ice” my knee to keep the swelling down.  I started off using large ziploc bags of ice inside pillow cases, then I went to a small reusable ice pack that hooked inside an ace bandage, but now I am needing more coverage since I am working my knee so hard in physical therapy.  My physical therapy sessions are an hour long.  After working with the therapist,  I am required to sit for 20 minutes and “ice” my knee before I can leave.  The therapist’s knee cold pack was so much better than my small one so I began looking for something similar that I could use while at home for the swelling.

Not only did I find a great, large, cold knee wrap from Polar Products, I found the perfect wrap for the person on the go.  I reviewed the SOFT-ICE High Performance Knee Wrap and am SOLD!  Now I can complete my hour of physical therapy, strap on my SOFT-ICE Knee Wrap and leave 20 minutes early.  This really saves me time since my kids are in summer camps and have lots of plans that don’t include sitting with me in physical therapy while I “ice” for 20 minutes.  After watching me leave therapy so quickly, the other patients are asking me about my wrap because they want to ice and go too!

The blue SOFT ICE packs remain soft and get VERY cold!  These packs  are very comfortable and easily bent around my knee.  The High Performance Knee Wrap velcros around my leg and holds both SOFT ICE packs around my knee for great coverage.  I have been told to “ice” for 20 minutes and the SOFT ICE is still very cold at the end of my “ice session.”   This wrap gets SO COLD that sometimes I line the knee wrap with a hand towel to “cut” the coldness.  Then I can remove the towel lining when I need a little more coolness on my knee.

You can either take out the SOFT ICE packs or leave them in and freeze the whole wrap.  I leave everything together and place the whole wrap in the freezer until my next “ice” session.  This wrap can also be used for hot therapy – just place the Soft Ice packs in the microwave on low for 60 seconds.   Since I am using this wrap for post-0p swelling, I haven’t tried out the “hot therapy” but it’s got to feel good!

Thank you Polar Products – Your knee wrap and excellent customer service is greatly appreciated!!!

Check out the POLAR products website.  They are offering  a coupon code so you can save 10% off on your order.  See info. below:

During checkout on our website, customers can use code “MOM12” to save 10% on their order. We have hot and cold therapy products as well as body cooling garments, which can be a lifesaver during this hot summer!

Contact them:

Polar Products, Inc.
3380 Cavalier Tr. Stow OH 44224
Ph: 1.800.763.8423
Fax: 330.253.4233

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Disclosure:  I received this knee wrap in return for my honest review which is 100% my own opinion.

2 thoughts on “Polar Products: PERFECT On-The-Go Ice Pack”

  1. Great review. I need this I just had surgery on my leg and I have to use ice for swelling. This looks much more convenient than the ziploc baggie filled with ice cubes I’ve been using.

    1. YES! It has been a year since my surgery and I am still using this wrap. As a matter of fact, I just went to Disney and took the wrap with me. Take care!

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