Review: Geeks Mobile USA

Geeks Mobile USA offered me a  free PC optimization or “computer clean up”  valued at $99, in exchange for my honest review of their PC optimization services.  Geeks Mobile USA is very convenient since it offers 24/7 U.S. Based Remote Technical Support and Services.  There have been many times I’ve had computer problems late at night, but have had to wait until their offices opened the next morning to contact my computer service provider.  For people who need their computer in order to complete their daily work, this can be very irritating.  There are deadlines to be met and when your computer goes down, you need help now.  There is no time available for sending your computer off to have it worked on when you need it ASAP!

We sent my son’s computer off to be worked on once through an electronic store’s computer fix it program and it took forever before it was ready for us to pick it up.  After that experience, I have learned that using  remote technical support is definitely the way to go!  My son’s computer has not been allowing me to accept any updates, so I had Geeks Mobile USA check into the updating issue while they ran their PC Optimization on his computer.

The process on my side of the PC Optimization was very easy:

Once in contact with a Geeks Mobile USA Technician, I was walked through the process of logging in and entering a code.  Once I had completed the process, Geeks Mobile USA completely took over my computer and began working.  My only job was to plug my computer charger in so the battery didn’t run down on them while they were working and stay off the computer until they called me to tell me they were finished.  This process was very neat to watch, as the mouse moved on its’ own and the technician began to optimize my computer.  This process took  around 3 hours on my computer, but the wait was definitely worth it!  Once I received the call that the job was finished, I was given a report on my child’s computer optimization.

Check out what Geeks Mobile USA found and took care of on my 12 year old son’s computer:

33 malicious files

74 malicious registry keys

7 needed updates to critical programs

5 programs that needed to be uninstalled because they were slowing down his computer

After the cleanup was complete, I restarted the computer and could definitely tell a difference in the boost of speed given to his laptop after the cleanup.  I can also see that the update issue has been resolved and everything is now running smoothly without the daily update reminders that I couldn’t fix!  The history was cleared out, but all his saved passwords seem to still be saved on the different sites he frequented.  When it comes down to it, it’s definitely worth the time to retype your stored site passwords in order to get your computer up and running quickly without leaving the house!

Before you run out looking for a computer store to help you with your computer issues, do yourself a favor and contact Geeks Mobile USA.  They will talk with you about your issues in person, without the irritation of an automated service.


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