Searching For Someone?

Have you ever tried to locate someone, but didn’t have enough information to find them?  Do you know how to find people by area code?  I have always tried looking for people by searching their current name, as well as a maiden name.  Once I searched for old friend that lived in Shreveport, Louisiana for a long time before finally finding one of her family members on Facebook.  Luckily her family member put me back into contact with her.

I had been attempting my search with an old phone number, an outdated email address, an old home address and was not getting anywhere very quickly.  We were going through Shreveport soon and I wanted to find her so we could meet up for awhile before coming back home.  I was lucky and her mother gave me her new phone number and we were able to make plans in enough time to meet up while we were in town.  We met up and took the kids to the mini petting zoo and the lake for two days before my family and I had to come back home.  Since I knew her phone number, I could have searched for her using her area code, but I didn’t know that was even a possibility.  Keep that in mind if you ever need to locate someone and happen to know their area code.

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